New Skeinlet Sensation Lot

Hot off the wheel and listed tonight. Sleep, must sleep!

 Skeinlet Sensation Lot 17 (Bigger lot than usual)


Socks Are Done

Oh yeah, I wasn’t stopping until I finished! While these can go into a shoe just fine, I’m going to keep them for around the house wear as the lacey type stitch for the body of the sock is kind of airy feeling. Still, a fast pattern and I think a good way for me to get into actually making things with yarn again. Now that I have a more basic idea of what I’m doing, I think I’ll strike out on my own to see if I can’t make a sturdier (crocheted) sock.

Smitty says that he’ll chew on my socks if I leave them where he can get at them.

Don’t go being jealous of our dead sexy deer blanket now, y’hear?

Socks, kinda.

I was going to dye some more roving today but have run out of steam. That’s because I stayed up until midnight last night making socks.

Oh, don’t get too excited. Crocheted socks, but socks nonetheless pattern that scared me with distinctive sock like parts that about drove me bugshit. 🙂


Kind of frilly and goofy, but that’s my handpainted yarn and that’s my sock and it fits perfectly and is comfortable too. A couple small jags here and there but I think a pretty good showing for my first attempt. And, just so I wouldn’t lose momentum, I’ve already started the second one.

I am using a size F crochet hook so the actual worked fabric of the sock is sturdy and feels good on my feet. I’ve found some more difficult crocheted sock patterns; I’m going to see if I can do those. I was told recently that crocheting a sock is a good way to get the basic concept of how a sock goes together and eventually, knitting socks makes sense. Which may have been their way of soothing me and telling me that it’s o.k. to admit defeat towards sock knitting.

Holy crap it’s cold here. I don’t even want to go anywhere. It’s kind of nice to not have to go anywhere today, I’ll face the elements tomorrow.

Dyers Weekend & Shop Update

Whew, I’ve been so busy! I dyed 12 bundles of roving yesterday, I only stopped because I ran out of drying space! I hope that by tomorrow what I did on Saturday will be dry enough to move so I can dye some more. My dyed roving stash is sadly lacking and I need to spin!

I dyed some commercial bulky weight yarn, this collection is named Waterfalls, it is now listed in my Etsy store.

Here is my second skein of Twirly Girly, also listed.

 Finally, this is Laddy. I purchased the Corriedale roving for this yarn from fellow Etsian, Marion.

Skeinlet Sensations Lots 15 & 16 Listed

What are those?

Skeinlet Sensations came to me when I realized I had way more scraplets of handspun yarns that I would ever need. Whenever I spin I keep a few yards back to use for remembering colorways or mostly because I take extreme amounts of pleasure in little bits of yarn rolled up and in my basket. I know, issues. Big ones. I did make a scrap afghan out of skeinlets and probably won’t make another one so I’ve been passing these on as they accumulate.


They make me happy. 🙂