I finally figured it out! I had a lot, A LOT of help from a friend of mine who held my hand through what I thought were the scariest parts. One down, one to go!

I started here:

And ended here! (Jacob was a willing model even if they were a bit small)

I feel pretty darn galvanized by the whole process! Not nearly as hard in most places as I thought. And of course, I cast on the second one right away so I wouldn’t forget. I also enjoyed working with my own yarns, something that is rare for me.

So there it is, more sock knitting madness to come soon, I’m sure!

I also purchased a new camera last night (the sock photos were not taken with it), I can’t wait to get some yarns twist set so I can start taking photos!


Store Updates & A Life Glimpse

I’m feeling a sense of urgency about spinning these days, I know my “free time” such as it is, is going to be even more limited by the first week of March.  Because this space was created to spare people the yarn talk that permeates my life, I try to keep my life out of it. But in this case, I guess I should make an exception as what I’m up to is going to conflict with wool biz. A couple months ago I applied for a fitness challenge, hosted by a local television station and fitness club. 256 people applied, I was one of 20 selected. I have been paired up with a partner that I do not know and we are going to try to beat the 9 other teams in a quasi Biggest Loser/Bootcamp style 8 week challenge. For the record, I don’t expect to survive. 😉 There will still be yarn, just not in the quantities I’m used to generating between a full time job, parenthood and everything else that grapples for importance in my life. Or at least not until I decide if I’m going to make it through this. I did, after all, sign up for it so I can’t whine too much. 

In the meantime, here you go! 😀

Bunny Bedlam

Do you ever look at something and see it in a way that it was likely not intended? When it comes to spinning, I notice this happens to me more and more often as time goes on. Another question I often find myself thinking is “Can that be carded?” I will run just about anything through my drumcarder, believe it. In this case, three colors of Easter batting, likely meant to nestle candy or sweet figurines. Only in my case I scrambled it through the carder with some white merino wool and generous handfuls of iridescent angelina fiber.  I handspun it all into 124 yards of yarn and then plied it with clear nylon thread. Total yardage is 124 yards, WPI is as thick as 8 and as thin as 12. 

Yellow, green and pink fiber is 100% colorfast polyester.

Goldie Rocks

I kettle dyed merino roving using acid dyes in shades of yellow, gold, orange and olive. I handspun it into 210 yards of single ply thick and thin yarn. WPI=Aproximately 10 to 11.

Confetti Cake

I carded 15 colors of Peace Fleece with white merino wool, I handspun it into a color infused yarn. 150 yards, WPI=approximately 10.

The Dark Side Of Confetti Cake

I carded 15 colors of Peace Fleece with gray/black merino wool, I handspun it into a 132 yards of single ply yarn, WPI=approximately 10.

Until next time!

Etsy Update: Bedlam Series X

I recently finished my 10th bundle of Bedlam yarns! I’ve been making these for the past year, details are below.

Bedlam Series X

I take great pleasure in creating batts full of fiber insanity on my drum carder! Spinning these crazy batts makes from some fantastically interesting yarns!

Contents of these yarns may contain but are not limited to:

Silk, noil, hemp, linen, angelina, firestar nylon, feathers, novelty threads, sari silk, mohair, costwold curls, Lincoln locks, merino, Leicester, extra fine easter grass, cormo, ribbons, commercial yarn scraplets, fabric, trims, lace scraps, denim shreds, cotton roving and much more, it just depends on what is in my scrap bag at the time. Basically if I can card it and spin it, it might be here!

This particular bundle is 8 skeins of handspun single ply yarn that total 225 yards. WPI: 10-12.