Etsy Update: Bedlam Series X

I recently finished my 10th bundle of Bedlam yarns! I’ve been making these for the past year, details are below.

Bedlam Series X

I take great pleasure in creating batts full of fiber insanity on my drum carder! Spinning these crazy batts makes from some fantastically interesting yarns!

Contents of these yarns may contain but are not limited to:

Silk, noil, hemp, linen, angelina, firestar nylon, feathers, novelty threads, sari silk, mohair, costwold curls, Lincoln locks, merino, Leicester, extra fine easter grass, cormo, ribbons, commercial yarn scraplets, fabric, trims, lace scraps, denim shreds, cotton roving and much more, it just depends on what is in my scrap bag at the time. Basically if I can card it and spin it, it might be here!

This particular bundle is 8 skeins of handspun single ply yarn that total 225 yards. WPI: 10-12.


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