Tour de Fleece 2008 End!

O.k., so I didn’t post every day of the tour, but darn near. However, I did spin every day of the tour, even on one of the rest days so I consider this entire journey a success!

Weekend stuff and wow, I’m pretty tired! 🙂

New and exciting things to come soon!


Tour de Fleece Day 19

A while ago my friend Carrie asked me about handspun dog fur. I have spun dog fur, my husband’s mom owns two gorgeous Samoyed’s that keep me well supplied!

Carrie sent me fur from two dogs that belonged to her aunt and uncle, Maggie & TJ. Their fur is very soft and pretty long, a lot softer than the Samoyed fur I’ve spun previously! A lovely mix of black, brown and a little gray. I blended it with some charcoal gray fleece I had on hand and the results so far are really encouraging! I am looking forward to spinning this up for her!

Because I was more focused on carding tonight I didn’t get a lot of spinning done, but this is what is currently on the wheel:

Tour de Fleece Day 17 and 18

Some progress from the last couple days!

This yarn was not spun by me, but I did dye it for a lovely new customer at Etsy, it was my first Alchemy request!

Sea Sea Sea, 465 yards, worsted weight:

Here are some results for some assorted silk products that I dyed:

Silk Throwers Waste, 1 ounce:

Tussah Silk Noil, 1 ounce:

Silk Coocoons. I had to remove the worm from these, I won’t be doing it again. Extremely disturbing.

Tonight’s contribution to the Tour is 263 yards, as yet untitled:

That’s all folks! 🙂

Tdf Day 16-Rainbows!

If it isn’t already obvious, I really have a thing for rainbows, I always have. One of my favorite and often recurring colorways is anything rainbow colored, I haven’t gotten tired of it yet!

Today I dyed some bleached silk bits using food coloring, the results are not yet dry but this was the beginning process:

I had some merino roving in sold colors, I ran them through my drumcarder in a random pattern and then pulled the batts into roving:

It didn’t spin much, only 112 yards. This is the yarn before twist setting:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

TdF-Day 14

The little bit of Jacob fleece that I washed last night was dry by the time I got home tonight, thank you hot temperatures and wind! I ran it through the carder and spun up the batt, 66 yards.

While I love the look of this yarn, I am not loving all the work that went into producing this tiny skein. I really need to finf someone local to process all the remaining fleece!

You’d think that living in Montana that this would be pretty easy but suprisingly, no.

Tour de Fleece Day 13 and SCORE!!!!

My friend Jen says I either have the best luck or the most rotten, I’m inclined to agree with her.

Focusing on the good, I was fortunate enough to score this tonight:

That, my friends, is two full Jacob fleeces, one in each bag. There were seven available, but I could only shove two into my car and only had room to store two. Best of all, they were FREE. Yep, free! A local friend of mine tipped me off when she saw the ad in the newspaper and I was the first person to call and leave a message and went out tonight after work to check it out. All the fleeces were equally gorgeous, I almost died when the lady told me what she had.

SO, even though I said I wouldn’t buy any new material during the Tour de Fleece, I never said anything about free spinnables so, YAY! Score!

I’m going to have it shipped off to be professionally processed because I just don’t have the facilities to do it myself. I did test wash a triple handful of it tonight and it came clean pretty quickly so I’m confident that having it professionally worked up will be a breeze for whoever I choose for the job.

Little wash in my kitchen:

Jacob fleece is especially awesome because the wool is a mix of black, white and brown and it makes some amazing natural colored yarns!

My only contribution to the spinning cause for the Tour today:

Finally, the lovely yarn that I spun a couple nights ago is twist set and ready to go!

Tigerlilly, 215 yards. WPI=10 to 11.

That’s all for tonight yarn fans!