Le Tour de Fleece-2008

I’ve never been involved in any sort of spinning challenge, but when I stumbled across this one I knew it had to be done!

The most basic concept of this challenge is to bust your stash. And kids, I have a stash of stuff that could and SHOULD be spun that by all rights should make me feel some amount of shame when I look at it but to be honest all I see is pride and sometimes yes, I have the audacity to whine “I have nothing to spin!”

Which is just not the case. Lots to spin, not always too inspired to work with it.

And there’s no excuse, I have every tool I need to make this happen so off I go. Starting July 5 and ending July 27, I have set a personal challenge for myself. To spin something, anything, every day. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day I will spin. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now, I think I’ve already set the precedent, I just need to keep up with it.

I will bust my stash, I will not buy new material. I will spin yarn.

Really, I think it’s one of the best plans I’ve had in a long time!

Now, if I were really ambitious I’d update this blog every day of the tour to show off my results! Don’t test me people, I just might do it! 😉

Le Tour de Fleece 2008

A little inspiration for days to come, my latest:

MintSmashSmoosh-100 yards


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