Take nothing for granted.

I’m still around!

That Tour de Fleece completely kicked my butt!

I’ve been busy as usual though, just moving forward with spinning and carding new batts. I don’t have a whole lot of time to dye roving, but my mom does a great job of it and I have shared my recipe book with her so that she can recreate some of my favorite color ways. She enjoys doing it, I am more than happy to share the fiber love!

Spinning has kept my mind calmer than usual lately. My brother was in a horrible accident on his job site last Friday (he’s a carpenter) and lost three of his fingers in a saw. He was airlifted to Denver and had two surgeries to reattach the severed fingers. The first surgery was 8.5 hours long, the second 5.5 hours. He permanently lost portions of his pinky and middle fingers, his ring finger was successfully reattached in the second surgery.  His first finger was very badly mangled but not severed and was mended.

I’ve always thought that one of the worst things that could happen to people in my family who rely so heavily on the use of their hands to create things would be to endure injuries that could keep us from doing what we love.

Fortunately, my brother is strong in body and spirit and I know he’s going to be o.k. A long and likely painful recovery is ahead of him, but he seems to be up to the challenge and we’ll all be there to help him along. So far the reattachment is a success, yesterday was the 48 hour mark that would make or break the attempt and he passed it with no problems. Hopefully the rest of his healing journey will go as smoothly as possible for him and he’ll be back to making beautiful things soon.


One thought on “Take nothing for granted.”

  1. Our best wishes for your family – how horrible.
    Praying he will recover and have a good therapy – keep ‘us’ posted!

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