Upcycling Halloween

Yet another idea that stuck in my head and wouldn’t go away! Actually, I have to give Jen a lot of the credit for this yarn, I think she thought of it way before I did. Every Halloween you see those bags of spider web material that you can buy and stretch all over the place and then embed the plastic spiders that come with it. To be honest, I’ve never bought a bag! Then this year when Jen was here we discussed what would happen if one were to spin the material and voila, the yarn was born!

I bought purple and green webs and spun each. The green allegedly glows under a black light, but I haven’t tested this theory.

Spooky Kid Smoosh!

The purple yarn is handspun and smoosh plied with a black cotton thread, 30 yards. Bulky art yarn, WPI: 5 to 7.

The purple/green yarn is handspun and plied, 102 yards. WPI: 7 to 10.

Plastic spiders included! They keep startling me so they’ve got to go! 🙂


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