Branching Out

I’ll admit it’s hard for me to try new spinning techniques, but maybe my unspoken until now resolution for the new year is to try things that I might have been afraid to in the past because I’ve been doing just that the last few days.

I’ve never tried corespinning, so I grabbed a handful of Corriedale locks that I acquired from Homestead Wool & Gift Farm (they so rock over there!) and went to town. I let the core thread, a black and silvery white wool peek through at times, I like the texture it created. The darker orange handspun is super wash merino.

Warm Fuzzies

Then, in a true test of my spinning skills, I tried a wrapped yarn. Basically inside out, the core is on the outside and pretty much goes wherever the heck it wants with little interference from the spinner. I think that’s what got me on this one, the willingness to just let it go and not worry (too) much.

I carded a whole bunch of yarn scraps, Peace Fleece and pink sparkle with some merino blend wool and spun it with a thin mulberry silk thread/yarn to get the wrapped look. I have to admit, it grew on me.


And with that, I’m off to play some more amongst the fibers. 🙂


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