March? Really?

Well hello there!

I cannot believe it’s already March! Though if winter would truly end I’d be even happier. My spring fever is killing me!

As I did last year, I have once again created a Bunny Bedlam 2009 edition. Bunny Bedlam was created last year when I was walking through Hobby Lobby and saw bags of polyester bunny batting/fiber fill. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head at the time, wondering if I could spin it into yarn. By itself, I suppose you could but I decided to blend it with white merino blend wool roving and sparkle. Last year I had yellow, pink and green to mix in, this year I could only find purple, green and yellow. Apparently this was a bad year for pink bunny batting. 😉

This year, 100 yards:

This led to another crazed carding session for a second series of Brouhaha. White merino blend wool roving as a base and I mixed in tons of sparkle, commercial and handspun yarn scraps, a random assortment of mixed wools and some pulled sari silk. I crazy plied one skein with a 3 ply wool thread and left the other as is. 100 yards. This yarn takes forever to spin, as does nearly all art yarn as I’ve learned!

Brouhaha Series 2

Finally, a litta bitta fame! A super cool girl who goes by JennyBangBang at Etsy purchased my first Brouhaha series and she featured it in a video she made! It all makes me ridiculously smiley!

Otherwise I’ve been busy as usual dyeing roving and yarns and spinning as often as I can. So until next time may your stitches not drop and your yarn not tangle! (This is advice I really need to follow.)