Fit to be tied yarns!

A while ago I discovered that I have a lot of yarn. A LOT of yarn. All kinds. Commercial, handspun, novelty, etc. Lots of yarn.

And then, when I lamented to this to my boss, who is also of the yarn obsessed sort, we discovered we had the overflow of yarn in common.

From there it just progressed and ended at “Well, I can make that myself.”

And we did.

Hand tied yarn. It’s a time intensive process but the results are worth it if you are into multi strand, sparkly yarns that are constantly changing.

I’ve actually made quite a bit of this in the past couple months, but only started parting with some of it last night. Quite honestly, I like working with crazy/out of the ordinary yarns sometimes so this suits me just fine.

So what can you do with it? Well, I personally have used it as a carry along with two strands of wool in a project that eventually became a felted bag. Lots of pops of color and texture. My boss has made scarves and shawls. One she wove the ends in, the other she left out for a wilder look. Which for some reason reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter. I should totally send her a scarf.

Antiqued-450 yards, sold.

Pinky Lee-105 yards, available at

Floofy Greens-125 yards, available at

Orange Borange-108 yards, available at

Anemone-125 yards, available at

This was another skein I made and sold a while ago, it was small enough that you could wear it as a fiber necklace if you were so inclined. I’d love to know what the buyer made with this or if she kept it as a necklace!

Back to the day job, more soon!


Long weekend, not long enough!

Right now the downstairs smells like wet wool because there is a whole bunch of handspun twist setting down there. I have spun and spun and spun some more and I’m still one night away from my custom order completion. Wasn’t I just lamenting that I need more time?

I spent a goodly portion of Saturday in the kitchen dyeing commercially spun yarn and puttering around. It was such a gorgeous weekend here though that I honestly chose to spend more time outdoors than in and therefore and once again behind on all things yarn. I’m not too broke up by it, can you tell?

My kitchen is pretty small and sadly lacking for counter space but I don’t mind. I have a folding table I haul out if I have to handpaint anything. The silver boombox (OMG!) on the counter? I’ve had that since I was in the 4th grade. I am now 33 for a point of reference. And I still use the tape deck.

I listed a bunch of sock yarn in my Etsy store on Saturday and since then have been chipping away at my big custom order and the 3 in line behind it. *head, I’d like you to meet desk* I’m flattered, thrilled even, but holy cows (as my son would say) it’s a lot to tackle when it all comes at me at once.

I really like what the dye did on this skein of sock yarn. It was a total happy accident, I can’t even take credit for it really. I owe it all to the dye.

I guess that’s it for now. Some progress is better than none, yeah?

Wait, wait! Don’t pull the plug!

Jeninmaine says I should update my blog.

Hi! How are you? Anybody still reading? I suck. I’m sorry.

There, now that I’ve got that covered we can move on.

Lack of updates doesn’t mean lack of yarn. I just feel the need to say this. If you were to look at a pie chart of my life right now you’d see that out of a 24 hour day I’m trying to cram about 48 more hours in there.

Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. My job is kicking my ass (and not in a good way but I’m thankful for the fact that I even HAVE a job and will shut up about it), I got this wild idea to go back to school and take Algebra online (not for the faint of heart nor the math challenged —> Me.), and then there’s time for family, friends, home (the laundry bomb, I cannot escape it) and finally, yarn.

I go in manic bursts of energy in the yarn area. I wish it was more because I want to or have time, you know? Right now I’m frantically finishing up a 10 skein custom order, and have 2 more projects behind that to crank out. Maybe I’ll take a break from the custom order biz for a while.

Oh hi, are you still here? I’m just talking out loud I guess.

So today, it is Friday and I get a break from the day job for a couple days. In between housework, dog sitting for a friend, keeping my son entertained and trying to stay awake I will work on some yarn this weekend. I really need to get that custom order completed and then perhaps I’ll spend some time in the kitchen dyeing sock yarn. I have a ridiculous amount of blank yarn right now. Which is exciting and kind of daunting all at the same time. I have to be in just the right creative mood to be happy with the process. Unfortunately this often strikes at midnight on Sunday when I should be fast asleep.

I’ll get there eventually; I’m just lamenting my overloaded life.

One exciting thing, in June I will leave Montana to fly to Maine to see Jen for 10 whole days! I absolutely cannot wait, I am so excited! The last time I was out to Maine was in 2007 and me and Jen, when we get together we can really produce some creative stuff. One day spent dyeing roving and yarn in her barn that year yielded enough yarn and roving to stock her store and keep me in spinning material for weeks. We are a force to be reckoned with, you just wait.

That all said? It took me all day to tap this out.