Long past due update.

That resounding thud was just me falling off the yarn journal wagon. Has it really been since January since I wrote here last? Good thing this site doesn’t get a lot of traffic!

Obviously am still in the yarn business, I just stink when it comes to updating!

A few things of note for housekeeping.   I have a group page over at Facebook that anybody can join, just search for the group Fabulosity Yarn. I’m also at Ravelry, again listed as Fabulosity. I’m all over the place, actually. Which is probably why my updating skills leave something to be desired!

Once again this year I will be at the Holiday Festival Crafts & Bazaar in Sheridan, Wyoming. The show is always the weekend before Thanksgiving, so this year it is Saturday, November 20. I love that show, I always see familiar faces from both vendors and attendees who come back every year.

In the meantime, I’ll (try to) do better about updating, if there’s anybody out there still reading, hi!


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