Any Stephen King fans out there? As creepy on every level that the book The Tommyknockers was, I have never been able to shake off what a brilliant concept it would be to be able to get things done while occupied elsewhere. I’d rather not turn into an alien though, so scratch that concept.

Really though, lack of time and not enough hours in the day plagues me constantly. I stay busy because I have to and because I have this wild dream that someday I’m going to quit flying a desk and spend my time playing with the dye pots and the spinning wheels. I’m a pretty firm believer in making things happen. What I’m not is patient!

The last couple days though I’ve managed to successfully get a lot done even when I wasn’t around to supervise, and I have the hot temperatures and blazing sun to thank for it. Solar dyeing has helped me knock out 12 skeins of sock yarn in 2 days, not bad at all. How fast can I skein it, that’s pretty much what drives the progress at this point!

I had started out by dyeing some Romney fleece in a rainbow (surprise, surprise!) of solid/varieagated colors:

Hugely encouraged by this success, I moved onto the above mentioned sock yarn. Skeins drying (they will look much better when fully dry and reskeined, you trust me on that) from yesterday and today:




And a sneak peek of worsted weights to be available shortly!


I once heard that the definition of multitasking is not giving any one thing your full and undivided attention. Maybe in the professional world but in the yarn world, I seriously beg to differ. 🙂


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