Yay for the weekend!

Another hot but lovely weather weekend coming up for Montana!

Last weekend and for a portion of this week I got a lot of solar dyeing accomplished, I presently have 18 skeins of sock yarn to finish reskeining. Some will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop, I will be sure to put out an announcement on the Fabulosity Yarn by Joy Hayworth Facebook page when I’m ready to go live.

As much as I would rather not heat up my kitchen with the dyepots when the weather is so warm, I will be doing so on Saturday as the next round of dyeing I want to do involves handpainting yarns and rovings and I will use my oven to set the dyes. Fortunately the mornings are wonderfully cool and all I have to do is open the patio doors and let the breeze come in, it keeps things way more comfortable when I do so.

I will also be spinning this weekend, perhaps outdoors on the back deck in the early evenings when it’s not so warm out there. I have a good assortment of things on deck for spinning: merino blend wool, faux cashmere roving, Romney fleece, etc.

I also managed to snag a bag of random scraps from Julie at The Enablerie ( http://www.facebook.com/Enablerie) last week, it arrived yesterday! I was running a little low on cardable bits to run through my drum carder so this was exactly the boost my carding supply stash needed! One project that is in the works involves a large amount my Bedlam batts, so this will supplement it wonderfully. 🙂

Under all things (Sp)inspiration, this morning on my drive to work I was at a stop light and this happened!

I was so shocked (it was really rather low, as you can see by the powerlines in the photo) that I almost dropped my phone in my haste to get it captured on film. The guy up there in the basket waved, seemingly unphased that he was rather low to the treetops but a few minutes later I saw the balloon again and while still low, it seemed to be gaining some altitude. As it’s probably pretty obvious by now, I’m all about the rainbow themes so this was a uplifting (no pun intended!) moment for me on what was otherwise a rather sluggish morning.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I know I certainly will!


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