Cakes Of Yarn

As I continue to sort through the contents of the fiber artist studio I purchased this summer, I keep finding center pull cakes of handspun yarn that were presumably spun by the previous owner. As I stumbled across them I started adding them to a large basket and soon it was overflowing. I realized at some point that the yarn is not only handspun but it was also wound into the cakes in singles of two, held together but not plied. I don’t know if the original spinner intended to ply the yarns from the cakes or use them as is, it’s a mystery. Continue reading Cakes Of Yarn


Supply Overload

As I mentioned in my last post, I purchased the contents of a fiber arts studio over the summer. While I am still sorting through all the boxes, bags, baskets and equipment, I have taken extreme amounts of delight in the fact that I can now think to myself “I need fiber/fleece in this color” and chances are 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be found among that fiber studio acquisition.

For example, last night was the desire to create a collection of red-based batts and within 5 minutes of searching, I found exactly what I was looking for. I was able to take the red (mohair, in this case) fiber, mix it with some of my handpainted roving, a lot of sparkle and tada, exactly what I wanted for the tentatively titled Spectrum Series that I am creating.

While that certainly is handy, I have a pretty intense supply stash of my own, having built it since 2006. Which is why I really am considering moving to a bigger house in the Spring of 2015, I’ve outgrown what space I do have. That’s embarrassing and impressive, I would prefer to lean more towards impressive.

Although I suppose it could only be considered impressive if I’m actually doing something with all the materials that I have acquired and fortunately, I am. I tell myself “You don’t need to buy that, you have some stashed away that you’ve clearly forgotten about.” Then an argument with myself ensues and sometimes I ignore that nagging voice and buy what I think I need anyway and then realize I continue to live my life wrong in regard to real supply needs versus “Oh pretty/cool/awesome! I want that!” It’s a vicious cycle, I’m telling you.

Which is why last week I ended up caving to sari silk batts.

It’s a sickness, really. (If you are waiting for me to apologize it ain’t happening.)

I live, I yarn.

Um, wow. 2011 was my last post here? That’s just sad and pathetic. To be honest, my memory of this sadly neglected journal was only jogged by an email alert that essentially said “Hey, someone tried to access your account and change the password so….you want to fix that?”

As for me, things have changed. I moved from Montana to Wyoming in late 2012. New job, new life, new just about everything around here.

I’m still spinning and dyeing wool when I can find the time to squeeze in between my job and living my life. Perhaps not as much yarn as I’d like, but if you follow my Facebook page you’ll see that I’ve been active since 2011 and didn’t just crawl out from the WordPress rock I have apparently been hiding under.

In 2014 probably the most exciting yarn event to date has been the acquisition of a full fiber arts studio that belonged to a spinner who passed away in late 2013. I purchased all the wool (all washed/dyed/picked), a wheel, picker, drum carder and boxes and baskets full of assorted odds and ends that I’m still sifting through.

This year I will once again be participating in the same craft show I’ve attended here in Sheridan, it will be held Saturday, November 22 at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds. So, I’d better get going on that inventory! If you are seeing my newest banner above, part of this year’s inventory at the show will feature many of the handspun yarns I created over the summer using natural/plant dye methods. The usual suspects will be there as well along with new items that I’ve been hoarding while I build inventory.

Thanks for stopping by if you are new here and if you are returning (as I am), wow, that was a long wait!