Natural Dye Spins-2015

Around this time last year I started dyeing bundles of wool top using natural, antique and plant dye methods. By the end of the summer I had a pretty impressive rainbow of colors. Something about a rainbow sequence really gets me so this year I decided to do it again. I like how the results are always just slightly different as I continue to experiment with this still new to me method of dyeing. Here’s a peek at what I’ve dyed in the month of March 2015, I have another set on deck for my next round that I’ll share once it is dyed:


A couple new dyes in extract form that I added to the rotation this year are sorghum, brazilwood and chlorophyllin, which gives an almost Wicked Witch Of The West green. The mix above also contains extracts from lac, tansy, madder, marigold, indigo, alkanet, soapnut, and logwood. Also on deck is my first attempt at an indigo dye vat. I have everything I need to make it happen but I’m oddly intimidated by the process. I had kind of hoped to work on it this weekend but was distracted by Spring cleaning and spinning the above pictured collection.

No doubt I will get there though, I almost always do!


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