Joy Who?

Well hi there curious one! I’m Joy, I lived in Montana for over 30 years and moved to Wyoming in 2012. I live here with my son, three four spinning wheels and more wool and assorted spinables than I know what to do with.

I’m a spinner of yarn, but only in my wildest dreams is it my day job. Someday I hope that dream can become a reality! Lots of late nights are put in around my house. And if you come over to visit I might have you skein up some yarn for me or separate some roving. But I’ll feed you well for your labor, I make killer Rice Krispee treats.

I dye about 95% of the fibers I spin and card. My preferred method is kettle dyeing but I also have been known to break out the supplies to handpaint roving and fleece. I also get huge amounts of satisfaction out of putting a mishmash of fibers and spinable goodies through my drumcarder to create batts full of color and whimsy. My philosophy regarding my drum carder is simple: If it is even remotely spinable, it’s going through the carder.

To me, there is something so incredibly satisfying about seeing handpainted roving spun into a completely unique yarn. Handspun yarn is like no other! The very feel of it tells you that it’s destined to be made into something beautiful. I also have a deep appreciation for the entire process that goes into each skein. By the time it leaves me and goes to its new home it’s been through so many changes to become what it is and by then that isn’t even the whole story as it hopefully goes on to become something you create and share with others.

I also dye commercially produced sock yarn and other dyeable yarns and have been known to rip apart old sweaters for the yarn. I am always catching myself looking at the most random materials and thinking about how I can incorporate them into a unique yarn. A interal running commentary of “What would happen if I tossed that into a dye pot?” I am completely convinced that there is no such thing as ugly yarn.

I also have a fairly serious to severe craft supply addiction that I have absolutely no plans to remedy any time soon. I collect old ephemera, vintage perfume, beads, buttons, glitter, books, scrap yarns, cross stitch samplers, and so many other odds and ends that it would take pages to cover it all. But I’m happy and easily made so by thrift store finds and curiosities that add to the collection and tell their story as time goes on.

Thank you for stopping by, hopefully what I do is of interest to you!

Be well,



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