Skeinlet Sensations Lots 15 & 16 Listed

What are those?

Skeinlet Sensations came to me when I realized I had way more scraplets of handspun yarns that I would ever need. Whenever I spin I keep a few yards back to use for remembering colorways or mostly because I take extreme amounts of pleasure in little bits of yarn rolled up and in my basket. I know, issues. Big ones. I did make a scrap afghan out of skeinlets and probably won’t make another one so I’ve been passing these on as they accumulate.


They make me happy. 🙂


Etsy Updates!

I’ve been busy trying to keep new items in my Etsy store, I need more time! Always more time it would seem!

Moon Mist-I handpainted merino blend roving using acid dyes in shades of gun metal blue, pink and lilac, leaving some of the original cream color of the wool peeking through. I handspun it into 232 yards of single ply yarn. WPI=11.

Frammin’ On The Jim Jam-I handpainted merino blend roving using acid dyes in shades of bright yellow, hot pink and orange to create this colorway. I handspun it into 274 yards of single ply yarn. WPI=11.

Rainbow Smoke (Sold)-I kettle dyed six bundles of merino roving with acid dyes and carded each color with some dark gray merino fleece. I pulled the batts into roving and spun each color in a rainbow sequence to create this single ply yarn. Total yardage for this skein is 160 yards. WPI=10 to 11.

More soon to add to my existing stock! You know, providing I can stay awake long enough to keep the kettles going! 🙂

Fabulous Yarns, Fabulous Things!