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Happy New Year!

Wow, 2010, I can hardly fathom it!

I had the good fortune of having four days off work over New Years, I am almost dreading going back to work tomorrow because I’ve gotten used to doing everything that falls under “not work” during my time off.

As usual, there was a lot of yarning going on in my house. Yesterday I spent amost the entire day dyeing roving, today I spent several hours spinning. I have 3 new skeins of handspun twist setting and about 50 skeinlets to wind.

I realized a few days ago that a lot of the supplies for carding that I’d accumulated in the past three years are rapidly dwindling. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, I have carded a lot of fiber, especially for what eventually becomes my Bedlam yarns since I bought my drumcarder in 2007. Building supply for me from the beginning had to be a gradual thing due to financial constraints, I suspect rebuilding will come about in the same manner.

If anything, I find myself wishing I lived in a community that had a spinning/fiber arts store. We have a couple yarn stores here but the spinning supplies are almost nonexistant other than undyed roving or the occasional solid color. It  irritates me because I’m pretty much a instant gratification sort of person and having to order everything online does nothing for my impatience factor. In July 2009 I visited my best friend Jen, who lives in Maine. We made several trips to the Portland Fiber Gallery & Weaving Studio while I was there and I was so impressed with the fact that all I had to do was grab bags and start stuffing assorted fibers and blendables into them. I would so dearly love to own or co-own a spinning/yarn/fiber arts store with Jen some day!  Though I wonder if we’d spin it all before we could sell it!

Rambling on, as usual!

Here are some photos of recently listed items at my etsy store: fabulosity.etsy.com

Skeinlet Sensation (mini skeins of my handspun) I’ve offered over 50 of these not counting custom orders!

Bedlam yarns, as mentioned above:

Handpainted commercially spun yarn:

And a new to me creation, Scraptastic yarns:

I didn’t make any resolutions this year, I never keep them anyway! I do plan to kick up the spinning an dyeing to even higher levels than before, I think I have finally struck a good balance when it comes to managing my day job, home, kid, husband and online college courses (why yes, I have indeed lost my mind!). It sounds crazy busy, and it is. But it’s all doable.

Happy New Year everyone and if you’ve stayed with me to this point, thanks!


Fly By

Oh hello little yarny blog. Neglected, aren’t you?

So what have I been up to? Lots of stuff, all accomplished on weekends and occasionally late into the night. I’ve been trying to spin every night, so far I’ve managed. I’ve also been making a lot of randomly designed creations on my drum carder that eventually become the base for my Bedlam yarns. I used to spin each batt as it came off the carder, which would create a bunch of low yardage skeins that I’d sell in a bundle.

To be honest, that process was extremely time consuming for me so I’ve taken a break from it. Instead, the Bedlam collections have evolved into Litta Bitta Bedlam. Basically I’m saving up all the batts that become Bedlam yarns and when I’m ready to work with them I pull the batts into roving, toss all the small bundles of roving into a basket and grab them randomly as I spin. This really mixes it up as you can probably imagine and I love the results.

I tend to get paralyzed by certain projects. For me I think it’s just the (perceived, I’m not that arrogant I promise) expectation to produce. It’s of course flattering to get the requests but for some reason it backfires on me and I find myself occasionally unable to move forward. So instead, in the case of Bedlam yarns, I think I’ve found away to avoid that problem. And yarn problems are good to have, don’t get me wrong.

I also don’t actively set out to create any specific batt anymore either. Each batt is a couple days creation, as I gather little bits here and there and card them as they come my way. If it is even remotely spinnable it goes into the carder, the packrat in me won’t let anything go into the trash. When the carder is full, the batt is ready. I pull it off and start over. And I’m always surprised by what is in each layer as I start pulling the batt into the roving, kind of a “Oh! That’s what I did with that scrap!”

Hey, I’m easily amused. It’s all good.

I don’t have any photos of the super top secret roving creation (o.k. it’s not a secret, I just didn’t take photos), but here are some recent results:

In other areas, I’ve been working frantically towards building stock for a show I will be in coming up in November in Sheridan,Wyoming. This will be the second year in a row I’ve gone armed with yarn and other goodies, I hope we are as successful this year as last! If nothing else being able to go and take my wheel with me is always fun, you meet a lot of really interesting people when you roll into a place carrying a spinning wheel. 😉

And, by this time next week my best friend in the whole wide freaking world will be here! Jen is coming in on the 18th and leaving the 28th. Yarn madness and baby smooshing will commence! OMG, I am so excited to have her here! Can you tell?

So next week a bunch of stuff will all happen simultaneously. A metric ton of undyed yarn will arrive (I might have gotten a wee bit carried away, I freely admit it.), Jen will be here and the spinning wheels will be running as the roving stash is busted out. I seriously cannot wait. Vacation and so many good things! I’m so glad I waited to take time off this year. It was hard but in the end it will be so worth it!

Have a great weekend all!

Store Updates & A Life Glimpse

I’m feeling a sense of urgency about spinning these days, I know my “free time” such as it is, is going to be even more limited by the first week of March.  Because this space was created to spare people the yarn talk that permeates my life, I try to keep my life out of it. But in this case, I guess I should make an exception as what I’m up to is going to conflict with wool biz. A couple months ago I applied for a fitness challenge, hosted by a local television station and fitness club. 256 people applied, I was one of 20 selected. I have been paired up with a partner that I do not know and we are going to try to beat the 9 other teams in a quasi Biggest Loser/Bootcamp style 8 week challenge. For the record, I don’t expect to survive. 😉 There will still be yarn, just not in the quantities I’m used to generating between a full time job, parenthood and everything else that grapples for importance in my life. Or at least not until I decide if I’m going to make it through this. I did, after all, sign up for it so I can’t whine too much. 

In the meantime, here you go! 😀

Bunny Bedlam

Do you ever look at something and see it in a way that it was likely not intended? When it comes to spinning, I notice this happens to me more and more often as time goes on. Another question I often find myself thinking is “Can that be carded?” I will run just about anything through my drumcarder, believe it. In this case, three colors of Easter batting, likely meant to nestle candy or sweet figurines. Only in my case I scrambled it through the carder with some white merino wool and generous handfuls of iridescent angelina fiber.  I handspun it all into 124 yards of yarn and then plied it with clear nylon thread. Total yardage is 124 yards, WPI is as thick as 8 and as thin as 12. 

Yellow, green and pink fiber is 100% colorfast polyester.

Goldie Rocks

I kettle dyed merino roving using acid dyes in shades of yellow, gold, orange and olive. I handspun it into 210 yards of single ply thick and thin yarn. WPI=Aproximately 10 to 11.

Confetti Cake

I carded 15 colors of Peace Fleece with white merino wool, I handspun it into a color infused yarn. 150 yards, WPI=approximately 10.

The Dark Side Of Confetti Cake

I carded 15 colors of Peace Fleece with gray/black merino wool, I handspun it into a 132 yards of single ply yarn, WPI=approximately 10.

Until next time!

Etsy Update: Bedlam Series X

I recently finished my 10th bundle of Bedlam yarns! I’ve been making these for the past year, details are below.

Bedlam Series X

I take great pleasure in creating batts full of fiber insanity on my drum carder! Spinning these crazy batts makes from some fantastically interesting yarns!

Contents of these yarns may contain but are not limited to:

Silk, noil, hemp, linen, angelina, firestar nylon, feathers, novelty threads, sari silk, mohair, costwold curls, Lincoln locks, merino, Leicester, extra fine easter grass, cormo, ribbons, commercial yarn scraplets, fabric, trims, lace scraps, denim shreds, cotton roving and much more, it just depends on what is in my scrap bag at the time. Basically if I can card it and spin it, it might be here!

This particular bundle is 8 skeins of handspun single ply yarn that total 225 yards. WPI: 10-12.