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Progress, finally!

Whew, this has been a busy weekend! Trying to keep up with everything here at home, keep my kid entertained (the weather hasn’t been overly lovely), and spinning and dyeing, I’m almost worn out! Then I got the bright idea to go to the gym early this morning and swam half a mile. Which? If you haven’t ever tried this I am warning you that it is not easy at ALL! 🙂

 Anyway, on to the yarns!

Spring In The Step-231 yards merino wool handspun.

Calico-225 yards, superwash merino wool handspun.

Chakra Scramble-250 yards sport weight.

Hot Hot Hot-250 yards sport weight. Radioactive, so bright!

Sprucey-250 yards sport weight.

I have a couple other projects still in the drying phase and sock yarn should be ready in a couple days!

 Sunday already, I need more weekend!