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Tour de Fleece Day 13 and SCORE!!!!

My friend Jen says I either have the best luck or the most rotten, I’m inclined to agree with her.

Focusing on the good, I was fortunate enough to score this tonight:

That, my friends, is two full Jacob fleeces, one in each bag. There were seven available, but I could only shove two into my car and only had room to store two. Best of all, they were FREE. Yep, free! A local friend of mine tipped me off when she saw the ad in the newspaper and I was the first person to call and leave a message and went out tonight after work to check it out. All the fleeces were equally gorgeous, I almost died when the lady told me what she had.

SO, even though I said I wouldn’t buy any new material during the Tour de Fleece, I never said anything about free spinnables so, YAY! Score!

I’m going to have it shipped off to be professionally processed because I just don’t have the facilities to do it myself. I did test wash a triple handful of it tonight and it came clean pretty quickly so I’m confident that having it professionally worked up will be a breeze for whoever I choose for the job.

Little wash in my kitchen:

Jacob fleece is especially awesome because the wool is a mix of black, white and brown and it makes some amazing natural colored yarns!

My only contribution to the spinning cause for the Tour today:

Finally, the lovely yarn that I spun a couple nights ago is twist set and ready to go!

Tigerlilly, 215 yards. WPI=10 to 11.

That’s all for tonight yarn fans!