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March? Really?

Well hello there!

I cannot believe it’s already March! Though if winter would truly end I’d be even happier. My spring fever is killing me!

As I did last year, I have once again created a Bunny Bedlam 2009 edition. Bunny Bedlam was created last year when I was walking through Hobby Lobby and saw bags of polyester bunny batting/fiber fill. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head at the time, wondering if I could spin it into yarn. By itself, I suppose you could but I decided to blend it with white merino blend wool roving and sparkle. Last year I had yellow, pink and green to mix in, this year I could only find purple, green and yellow. Apparently this was a bad year for pink bunny batting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This year, 100 yards:

This led to another crazed carding session for a second series of Brouhaha. White merino blend wool roving as a base and I mixed in tons of sparkle, commercial and handspun yarn scraps, a random assortment of mixed wools and some pulled sari silk. I crazy plied one skein with a 3 ply wool thread and left the other as is. 100 yards. This yarn takes forever to spin, as does nearly all art yarn as I’ve learned!

Brouhaha Series 2

Finally, a litta bitta fame! A super cool girl who goes by JennyBangBang at Etsy purchased my first Brouhaha series and she featured it in a video she made! It all makes me ridiculously smiley!

Otherwise I’ve been busy as usual dyeing roving and yarns and spinning as often as I can. So until next time may your stitches not drop and your yarn not tangle! (This is advice I really need to follow.)


Branching Out

Iโ€™ll admit itโ€™s hard for me to try new spinning techniques, but maybe my unspoken until now resolution for the new year is to try things that I might have been afraid to in the past because I’ve been doing just that the last few days.

Iโ€™ve never tried corespinning, so I grabbed a handful of Corriedale locks that I acquired from Homestead Wool & Gift Farm (they so rock over there!) and went to town. I let the core thread, a black and silvery white wool peek through at times, I like the texture it created. The darker orange handspun is super wash merino.

Warm Fuzzies

Then, in a true test of my spinning skills, I tried a wrapped yarn. Basically inside out, the core is on the outside and pretty much goes wherever the heck it wants with little interference from the spinner. I think thatโ€™s what got me on this one, the willingness to just let it go and not worry (too) much.

I carded a whole bunch of yarn scraps, Peace Fleece and pink sparkle with some merino blend wool and spun it with a thin mulberry silk thread/yarn to get the wrapped look. I have to admit, it grew on me.


And with that, I’m off to play some more amongst the fibers. ๐Ÿ™‚

Progress, I make it.

O.k. I realize that the pile o’yarn probably doesn’t look like it’s expanded much, but since my last update I’ve added 8 new skeins to the pile! I’m getting really tired! The show in Sheridan is exactly a month away. I was thinking of taking a break from spinning and dyeing yarn this weekend but then my eyes landed on the cones of undyed sock yarn, the huge bag of 8 ounce dyed rovings and the stuff that I might have accidentally ordered onlien in a fit of “OMG I NEED THIS STUFF.”

Ahem. ๐Ÿ™‚

In between all this I’ve managed to squeeze in a custom yarn order at Etsy. I am so flattered that I was chosen to create this yarn! The lovely customer wanted roving dyed in shades of silver and brown and then handspun super bulky and thin. It was hard for me to deliberately place huge slubs into the yarn but the results were so nice! Super soft and an amazing texture. I’m really pleased with it, I can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

300 yards. I never formally named it but started to think of it as Sepia.

And with that, I’m keeping my promise to myself to get to bed at a decent hour tonight so off I go. Goodnight!

November Show Prep

I’ve managed to spin nearly every night and quite a bit on the weekends. This doesn’t seem like much to me, but when I consider that my store is already well stocked and will likely remain so by mid-November I dont’t worry too much.

The kettles will be running this weekend anyway, just in case! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s supposed to snow tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is snowing now. I will go look before I call it a night. For some reason I feel totally unprepared for this drastic weather change!

Reminds me of being Jacob’s age and when we lived in North Dakota. It was always snowing or blizzarding on Halloween and my mom would never let me wear my mask (which, let’s face it, those masks sucked so hard anyway!) because she was convinced I’d suffocate. So she’d always buy my costume at least two sizes too big so that she could force me to wear it over a winter coat or snowsuit. Good times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully the show will be well attended this year. And if not, then there will be a huge update to my store on November 23!

One more day please?!

I’ve done it, I’ve reached the point where I’m physically starting to feel the burn out from work. You know, my day job that doesn’t involve anything yarny? I feel like all I do is beg for more time to get everything accomplished, it kind of sucks.

Ah well, the bills have to be paid and until I can figure out how to take over the world with yarn this is my reality.

That said, I had a very productive weekend yarn-wise and am pleased with what I accomplished:

Special Order for Etsian RoaringBravado:

Sea Sea Sea, 465 Yards:

Rainbow Dog! 160 yards, Chiengora from Koda the Samoyed:

Estelle: 150 yards merino and novelty yarn:

Hidalgo 200 yards

Farfalla: 180 yards

Violetta: 164 yards

Grotto: 192 yards

Tour de Fleece Day 19

A while ago my friend Carrie asked me about handspun dog fur. I have spun dog fur, my husband’s mom owns two gorgeous Samoyed’s that keep me well supplied!

Carrie sent me fur from two dogs that belonged to her aunt and uncle, Maggie & TJ. Their fur is very soft and pretty long, a lot softer than the Samoyed fur I’ve spun previously! A lovely mix of black, brown and a little gray. I blended it with some charcoal gray fleece I had on hand and the results so far are really encouraging! I am looking forward to spinning this up for her!

Because I was more focused on carding tonight I didn’t get a lot of spinning done, but this is what is currently on the wheel: