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Upcycling Halloween

Yet another idea that stuck in my head and wouldn’t go away! Actually, I have to give Jen a lot of the credit for this yarn, I think she thought of it way before I did. Every Halloween you see those bags of spider web material that you can buy and stretch all over the place and then embed the plastic spiders that come with it. To be honest, I’ve never bought a bag! Then this year when Jen was here we discussed what would happen if one were to spin the material and voila, the yarn was born!

I bought purple and green webs and spun each. The green allegedly glows under a black light, but I haven’t tested this theory.

Spooky Kid Smoosh!

The purple yarn is handspun and smoosh plied with a black cotton thread, 30 yards. Bulky art yarn, WPI: 5 to 7.

The purple/green yarn is handspun and plied, 102 yards. WPI: 7 to 10.

Plastic spiders included! They keep startling me so they’ve got to go! 🙂


TdF-Day 14

The little bit of Jacob fleece that I washed last night was dry by the time I got home tonight, thank you hot temperatures and wind! I ran it through the carder and spun up the batt, 66 yards.

While I love the look of this yarn, I am not loving all the work that went into producing this tiny skein. I really need to finf someone local to process all the remaining fleece!

You’d think that living in Montana that this would be pretty easy but suprisingly, no.

Tour de Fleece Day 10, Rest day 11

Spun this last night on day 10, it is probably over 200 yards, I just took it off the bobbin tonight and haven’t counted the yardage just yet. Sorry for the cruddy photo, it was late and the room was dim! It’s a lovely orange with hints of pink though, I loves it.

Untitled-Day 10

July 15 is a rest day for the Tour, I actually hadn’t realized this until about an hour ago. Which is good, it’s been a busy day for me! Plus, I had to bake Amish Friendship bread tonight as the batter/starter I was given by my boss had matured and was ready for the added ingredients and baking. Word to the wise, don’t ever, ever stick your nose in a just opened ziplock bag of fermented bread starter unless you want to feel your sinuses burn for several minutes afterwards. That said, I have four bags of starter, does anyone local want one? Bread in 10 days with minimal effort!

Progress, finally!

Whew, this has been a busy weekend! Trying to keep up with everything here at home, keep my kid entertained (the weather hasn’t been overly lovely), and spinning and dyeing, I’m almost worn out! Then I got the bright idea to go to the gym early this morning and swam half a mile. Which? If you haven’t ever tried this I am warning you that it is not easy at ALL! 🙂

 Anyway, on to the yarns!

Spring In The Step-231 yards merino wool handspun.

Calico-225 yards, superwash merino wool handspun.

Chakra Scramble-250 yards sport weight.

Hot Hot Hot-250 yards sport weight. Radioactive, so bright!

Sprucey-250 yards sport weight.

I have a couple other projects still in the drying phase and sock yarn should be ready in a couple days!

 Sunday already, I need more weekend!