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Progress, I make it.

O.k. I realize that the pile o’yarn probably doesn’t look like it’s expanded much, but since my last update I’ve added 8 new skeins to the pile! I’m getting really tired! The show in Sheridan is exactly a month away. I was thinking of taking a break from spinning and dyeing yarn this weekend but then my eyes landed on the cones of undyed sock yarn, the huge bag of 8 ounce dyed rovings and the stuff that I might have accidentally ordered onlien in a fit of “OMG I NEED THIS STUFF.”

Ahem. 🙂

In between all this I’ve managed to squeeze in a custom yarn order at Etsy. I am so flattered that I was chosen to create this yarn! The lovely customer wanted roving dyed in shades of silver and brown and then handspun super bulky and thin. It was hard for me to deliberately place huge slubs into the yarn but the results were so nice! Super soft and an amazing texture. I’m really pleased with it, I can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

300 yards. I never formally named it but started to think of it as Sepia.

And with that, I’m keeping my promise to myself to get to bed at a decent hour tonight so off I go. Goodnight!


Roving, Roving, Roving…

True: That’s what I sing to myself when I dye roving, to the tune of the Rawhide theme.

I’m fully aware I have issues. And quite possibly have been hanging around the acid dyes for too long! 😉

This weekend my mom and I dyed 20 8-ounce bundles, here are 18 of them, the others have already been on the wheel:

I still have 10 pounds on hand to dye when my friend Jen comes out here in September! I’m so excited! I will also have a recent order of commercial wool yarn in by then, I have a feeling we’re going to be a couple of fiber dyeing fiends while she’s here! I haven’t seen her in over a year, I miss her terribly! 😀

Back to the day job, wheeeee.