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Long weekend, not long enough!

Right now the downstairs smells like wet wool because there is a whole bunch of handspun twist setting down there. I have spun and spun and spun some more and I’m still one night away from my custom order completion. Wasn’t I just lamenting that I need more time?

I spent a goodly portion of Saturday in the kitchen dyeing commercially spun yarn and puttering around. It was such a gorgeous weekend here though that I honestly chose to spend more time outdoors than in and therefore and once again behind on all things yarn. I’m not too broke up by it, can you tell?

My kitchen is pretty small and sadly lacking for counter space but I don’t mind. I have a folding table I haul out if I have to handpaint anything. The silver boombox (OMG!) on the counter? I’ve had that since I was in the 4th grade. I am now 33 for a point of reference. And I still use the tape deck.

I listed a bunch of sock yarn in my Etsy store on Saturday and since then have been chipping away at my big custom order and the 3 in line behind it. *head, I’d like you to meet desk* I’m flattered, thrilled even, but holy cows (as my son would say) it’s a lot to tackle when it all comes at me at once.

I really like what the dye did on this skein of sock yarn. It was a total happy accident, I can’t even take credit for it really. I owe it all to the dye.

I guess that’s it for now. Some progress is better than none, yeah?


November Show Prep

I’ve managed to spin nearly every night and quite a bit on the weekends. This doesn’t seem like much to me, but when I consider that my store is already well stocked and will likely remain so by mid-November I dont’t worry too much.

The kettles will be running this weekend anyway, just in case! 😉

It’s supposed to snow tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is snowing now. I will go look before I call it a night. For some reason I feel totally unprepared for this drastic weather change!

Reminds me of being Jacob’s age and when we lived in North Dakota. It was always snowing or blizzarding on Halloween and my mom would never let me wear my mask (which, let’s face it, those masks sucked so hard anyway!) because she was convinced I’d suffocate. So she’d always buy my costume at least two sizes too big so that she could force me to wear it over a winter coat or snowsuit. Good times. 🙂

Hopefully the show will be well attended this year. And if not, then there will be a huge update to my store on November 23!


I finally figured it out! I had a lot, A LOT of help from a friend of mine who held my hand through what I thought were the scariest parts. One down, one to go!

I started here:

And ended here! (Jacob was a willing model even if they were a bit small)

I feel pretty darn galvanized by the whole process! Not nearly as hard in most places as I thought. And of course, I cast on the second one right away so I wouldn’t forget. I also enjoyed working with my own yarns, something that is rare for me.

So there it is, more sock knitting madness to come soon, I’m sure!

I also purchased a new camera last night (the sock photos were not taken with it), I can’t wait to get some yarns twist set so I can start taking photos!