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Look, I actually made something!

O.k. yes, occassionally I do make things with my own yarn! I’ve wanted to make felted bowls for a while now but I just don’t have the patience to knit them. I went in search of crocheted bowl patterns to felt and found a couple that worked exactly as I wanted them to. One in particular I bought at Etsy from this seller: http://www.timaryart.etsy.com

They went together fast, these I did in about an hour. The yarn is my own handspun, it is rainbow merino wool that I carded and spun a couple weeks ago. The skein I used was 112 yards, I have about 15 yards left after making four bowls.

Dimensions for bowls are as follows from largest to smallest:

Bowl 1: 4 inches across by 2.25 inches tall.

Bowl 2: 3.5 inches across by 2 inches tall.

Bowl 3: 3 inches across by 1.75 inches tall.

Bowl 4: 2.5 inches across by 1.5 inches tall.

Felting them was a breeze, I’m going to make more to see if they’ll sell at the craft show I will be going to in November.


Tdf Day 16-Rainbows!

If it isn’t already obvious, I really have a thing for rainbows, I always have. One of my favorite and often recurring colorways is anything rainbow colored, I haven’t gotten tired of it yet!

Today I dyed some bleached silk bits using food coloring, the results are not yet dry but this was the beginning process:

I had some merino roving in sold colors, I ran them through my drumcarder in a random pattern and then pulled the batts into roving:

It didn’t spin much, only 112 yards. This is the yarn before twist setting:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!