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Hello December, Hello Winter!

It snowed here yesterday.  Two days ago I walked to the libary without a coat and a care in the world. This morning it was 8 degrees (minus windchill, and I’m not ready to even think about that), so a bit of a change!

The show this year in Sheridan, Wyoming was good. It’s always fun to meet to new people and see others return from years past. After the show my mom and I were talking and decided that yes, we will do it again next year. One of my friends has a saying about big events that she does. When people ask her during the event if she’s going to do it next year she says “Don’t talk to me about my next baby when I’m labor” and I think that is so true. That’s why my mom and I never decided until after the show is over and everything is back where it should be.

Which, unfortunately for me, is still not true. That busy weekend followed by another busy weekend of traveling for Thanksgiving and my work area once again looks as though a yarn and wool bomb went off inside it. This weekend I’m determined to get everything back in its place and finish listing the yarn that I took to the show that wasn’t already in my Etsy shop beforehand.

Here are some photos of our booth this year, I was very pleased! The addition of our own lighting made a huge difference. It was hard work getting all the furniture, tables and assorted props in (we took a van and a full sized pickup, both fully loaded) but it was really worth it.

So if you were there and stopped by, thanks! And if not and you live in the area, I’ll see you next year!


Holiday Festival Crafts & Bazaar 2009

Well hello there! It’s that time of year again! November usually means NaNoWriMo to most, but to me it means that it is time for the Holiday Festival Crafts & Bazaar! This will be the 3rd consecutive year that I’ve attended with my mom and this year we have 3 other people joining us to really make our booth full of all sorts of wonderful handmade goodness.

I will be there with my wheel, lots of wool and lots and lot and lots of yarn. Lots. I’m rather overwhelmed and this is just the yarn!

I also have a giant bowl full of skeinlets (mini yarn skeins), wool soap socks, fabric covered buttons, felted beads, mittens, scarves, a few bags and omg I am forgetting because my head will explode if I try to think of it all now!

My mom will be there with her handwoven baskets, tapestry tablerunners, hardanger embroidery and the cutest wee felted purse/pouch things I’ve ever seen. My sister has put together a great assortment of handmade envelopes and cards, my friend Karen has over 2 dozen felted bags as well as a large assortment of scarves and shawls. My friend Danielle is bringing a whole bunch of felted slippers (they look like clogs, they are so cute and I can vouch for their comfyness!), and amazing felted hats as well as a wide array of knitted hats for babies.

I am super excited, as I always am this time of year! It’s a long day but it’s so much fun and we have been fortunate enough to be located in the same area every year so people have started to remember us or come looking for us, which is always flattering.

So as always, if you find yourself in Sheridan, Wyoming on Saturday, November 21 come see us! We’ll be at the Sheridan Holiday Inn at 1809 Surgarland Drive. The show starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Sheridan is going to be the place to be, there are SEVEN shows next weekend! I love it. I love every single crazy minute of it!

Progress, I make it.

O.k. I realize that the pile o’yarn probably doesn’t look like it’s expanded much, but since my last update I’ve added 8 new skeins to the pile! I’m getting really tired! The show in Sheridan is exactly a month away. I was thinking of taking a break from spinning and dyeing yarn this weekend but then my eyes landed on the cones of undyed sock yarn, the huge bag of 8 ounce dyed rovings and the stuff that I might have accidentally ordered onlien in a fit of “OMG I NEED THIS STUFF.”

Ahem. 🙂

In between all this I’ve managed to squeeze in a custom yarn order at Etsy. I am so flattered that I was chosen to create this yarn! The lovely customer wanted roving dyed in shades of silver and brown and then handspun super bulky and thin. It was hard for me to deliberately place huge slubs into the yarn but the results were so nice! Super soft and an amazing texture. I’m really pleased with it, I can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

300 yards. I never formally named it but started to think of it as Sepia.

And with that, I’m keeping my promise to myself to get to bed at a decent hour tonight so off I go. Goodnight!

Just Keep Swimming

Argh! I’m drowning in yarn over here! Seriously, that show needs to get here now so I can have some space again!

Actually, too much yarn is never a problem. The growing pile makes me feel rather accomplished actually. Though I feel like I’m cheating on my Etsy store! 😉

Updated pile: (Curtains made by Jen, are they not fabulous? I love them!)

And a bunch of handpaint that I need to reskein. *thud*

My favorite of the bunch:

If I could just learn how to spin in my sleep I could take over the world. Actually, scratch that. It reminds me of The Tommyknockers by Stephen King and I really have no desire to turn into an alien. 😀