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I finally figured it out! I had a lot, A LOT of help from a friend of mine who held my hand through what I thought were the scariest parts. One down, one to go!

I started here:

And ended here! (Jacob was a willing model even if they were a bit small)

I feel pretty darn galvanized by the whole process! Not nearly as hard in most places as I thought. And of course, I cast on the second one right away so I wouldn’t forget. I also enjoyed working with my own yarns, something that is rare for me.

So there it is, more sock knitting madness to come soon, I’m sure!

I also purchased a new camera last night (the sock photos were not taken with it), I can’t wait to get some yarns twist set so I can start taking photos!


Socks Are Done

Oh yeah, I wasn’t stopping until I finished! While these can go into a shoe just fine, I’m going to keep them for around the house wear as the lacey type stitch for the body of the sock is kind of airy feeling. Still, a fast pattern and I think a good way for me to get into actually making things with yarn again. Now that I have a more basic idea of what I’m doing, I think I’ll strike out on my own to see if I can’t make a sturdier (crocheted) sock.

Smitty says that he’ll chew on my socks if I leave them where he can get at them.

Don’t go being jealous of our dead sexy deer blanket now, y’hear?